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Tanya Kuhnee

For Vice President for High Schools

Tanya Kuhnee, West Mesa HS

  • MA in Curriculum and Instruction with a TESOL emphasis
  • 10 years ATF member
  • 6 years Fed Rep
  • 2 years ATF High School Constituent VP
  • 5 years member of Great Practical Strategies cadre, delivering teacher-created professional development to teachers across APS
  • Executive Secretary of the ATF TLF board
  • Mentor teacher
  • Led the charge against Copy Quotas

      "I will continue to work diligently to represent the diverse viewpoints of high school educators and ensure our union makes informed decisions, fighting for the very best classroom conditions and supports.”

More Detailed Bio

Sean Thomas

For Vice President for Middle Schools

Jason Krosinsky, Wilson Middle school

  • As your union vice president, I have done, and will continue to do, the following:
    • Serve on the contract negotiating team, representing the interests of middle school and special education staff in securing more rights and greater respect for what we do
    • Address issues and concerns from the Fed Reps at your school, seeking solutions and providing advice on numerous topics such as PLC’s, PED evaluations, contract language, etc.
    • Regularly conduct monthly Middle School Fed Rep Constituency meetings to share information, help build consensus, and advocate for the needs of ALL middle school teachers
    • Work to bring all our voices to the table in our union, in APS, and in the Roundhouse.
  • “Middle school teachers need a strong voice at the table, not only in our union, but also in APS.  I will continue to strive to make sure your concerns are heard and addressed.”

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Dwane Norris

For Vice Presidents for Elementary Schools
(Vote for BOTH trusted team candidates).

Sonya Romero Smith , Lew Wallace ES

  • 20 years with APS
  • 7 years Fed Rep
  • 7 years as Executive VP
  • Coordinated TEACH program where I teach and staff the ATF Managing Behaviors in a School Community Classes, which provides professional development for teachers by teachers.
  • Served on the ATF Negotiating Team, representing the interests of elementary staff and protecting our rights.
  • Volunteered, phone banked, canvassed, and demonstrated to help elect pro-education board members

    “I will work to represent the voices of my elementary constituency through effective problem solving, listening, and collaboration. I will continue to strive for the working conditions of our teachers and the learning environments of our students.”

More detailed Bio for Elementary Vice president Candidates

Pamela Irvin

For Vice Presidents for Elementary Schools
(Vote for BOTH trusted team candidates).

Loyola Garcia, Valle Vista ES

  • 17 year educator, all as a union member
  • 10 years Fed Rep
  • Served as instructor for the ATF Great Practical Strategies Cadre, which provides professional development for teachers by teachers.
  • Served on the English Language Learners Cadre for the National AFT
  • Served on the ATF Organizing Team recruiting new union members.

    “Given the current state of public education, it is important to unite to insure teachers working conditions are protected; teachers working conditions ARE students learning conditions. I will listen to your stories and help to problem solve in order to find the best solution. ”

Angela Reynolds

For Vice President for Support and Related Personnel

Angela Reynolds, Educational Diagnostician, Northeast Diagnostic Center

  • 27 years of labor & education experience
  • 27 years a Fed Rep
  • 10 Years Constituent Vice President for Middle Schools
  • Energetic recruiting & organizing
  • A deep & abiding belief in labor in NM
  • Extensive knowledge of existing contract language
  • Familiarity with both school and offsite concerns
  • An Understanding of the duties and issues facing the members in this diverse role group!!

    I will work to create policies and contract language that will support all the role members of this diverse group, while always keeping in mind that I represent the voice of my constituency.

    More Detailed Bio

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