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Voting Matters

So it has to be easy to vote!

Vote in person: (union members)

April 21 through May 2, 2017
At the Albuquerque Teachers Federation office

530 Jefferson NE 87108,
Monday-Friday: 9 am – 5pm
505-266-1967 {fax}

Vote Online: (union members)

April 21 to May 2 at 5 pm.
A web link will be sent to member emails when the online voting window opens.

Special Notes:

This election is for Constituent Vice Presidents, so you only vote for the VP that represents your level.

For example, high school teachers would vote for Tanya Kuhnee and could not vote in the middle school, elementary or support and related personnel VP elections.

Elementary Teachers– You vote for TWO VP candidates, Sonya Romero Smith AND Loyola Garcia

Support and Related Personnel *– You vote for Angela Reynolds


*Any union member not included in the teacher constituents groups.


Please Vote! The future of your union depends on it!


Join the Union:

There are many reasons to be a union member, but if wanting to vote in this election, which is only open to members "in good standing," is what pushes you over the edge toward joining, go to http://atfunion.org/membership-involvement/join/ and sign up. It is too late to sign up and vote, but a union's power comes from its members—the only way to have power in your union is to join and participate!

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