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Voting Matters

Bad things happen when good people don't vote!

As you probably know, many ATF elections involve existing position-holders running unopposed. Over the years, that leads to very low voter participation in union elections. In many cases, this is no big deal; competent people just keep doing their jobs and the system functions pretty well. Unfortunately, just like in the larger political world, low voter turnout sets the stage for disaster. We have seen this happen in school board elections all across the nation, where crazy, right-wing groups quietly slide their candidates onto the ballot, and since the community pays little attention to these elections, a few like-minded supporters can completely hijack an election. Suddenly you have a school board that represents only a tiny part of the population.

I am not suggesting that those opposing the Trusted Team are "right wing," and running against a sitting vice presidents is a legitimate way to express an individual's or group's difference of opinion.

Just like in those school board elections, a small, vocal minority can hijack this election, but only if the majority of union members don't vote. You can't let that happen! You don't want to wake up on the morning after the election and say, "Wait! Who elected them?" The answer always is — "the people who bothered to vote."

The union, your union, will make it easy for you to vote, either in person or online.

Please Vote! The future of your union depends on it!

Check out our How, When, and Where to Vote page

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