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Tanya Kuhnee: High School Vice President

 I have been an active member of my union since I began teaching ten years ago. My goal as the ATF high school VP is to effectively communicate the diverse opinions of the high school educators across APS. I want to ensure my union makes the most informed decisions possible and that our actions are based on the opinions and needs of high school educators.

Two years ago, I was elected as the Constituent Vice President of High School. Since then, I have worked tirelessly to speak for and support my high school colleagues. I helped lead the charge against the district-imposed schedule that forced high school teachers to take on teaching an extra class and I was instrumental in helping teachers return to their previous teaching load. I have also spent time on the ATF negotiating team. Most notably within that work, I wrote and successfully achieved language in our contract that protects teacher autonomy. No teacher in APS can be forced to follow a program or script because of the addition of this language last year.

I have worked diligently on the legislative side of our work. I have spoken at legislative hearings and attended numerous rallies. I have served on collaborative ATF-APS committees and as an expert for an informational panel on the current issues in education produced by PBS. I have spoken—more than once—on Channel 7 in support of teachers, and I have written articles and editorials for the press, as well as worked with the education representative of the Albuquerque Journal in an effort to shed light on relevant stressors for teachers, such as copy quotas and excessive testing.

In addition to these actions, I also serve in other roles and positions at the union. For the past five years, I have been part of a cadre of teachers who teach Great Practical Strategies professional development to teachers. This cohort works collaboratively to investigate current educational research and assist teachers in implementing up-to-date practices. I also serve as secretary for the ATF Teacher Leadership Foundation, which funds all of the professional development programs offered through the union, as well as Dial-A-Teacher. Lastly, I serve as a mentor to a beginning teacher through the mentorship program offered jointly through the district and the union.

Ultimately, I love serving my profession by serving in my union.  I believe that I will best represent my high school colleagues, not by voicing my own opinion, but by listening to yours. Vote for me so I can represent you.

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