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sean thomas

For ATF Executive Vice President

Sean Thomas, Eldorado HS, NBCT ATF Executive Vice President

I have taught social studies and psychology at Eldorado High School for eleven years.  As soon as I started teaching, I became the fed rep. for Eldorado.  I was the fed rep. for nine years and stepped down two years ago so I could serve as the treasurer for ATF.  As a member of the executive council, I have represented teachers during negotiations with the district for the last two years.  This year, I served as a member of the task force the district and union created to change the high school schedule.  I know the importance of having a strong, united voice for teachers.

  As a teacher, I know the importance of teachers perfecting their craft. I am convinced that our union needs to continue to focus on the profession as a whole. As a result of the work that AFT and ATF did, I was able to attain my level III licensure in the first six years of teaching and get a district paid bonus for being NBCT. I was able to get the support I needed while moving through the dossier program and becoming Nationally Board Certified. The union needs to continue programs like these and focus on all aspects of the teaching profession.

Goal statement: My goal as union vice-president is to continue to push for progress in a politically hostile environment towards education. I will work to protect teachers against bad education policy that leads to low teacher moral, so teachers can focus on what really matters in their classrooms, schools, and for their students. I will continue to work for a united teacher voice to counter all the different voices that seek to divide teachers and their communities.

truth to powerSean Thomas speaks truth to power at an Albuquerque schoolboard meeting.
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