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Loyola Garcia and Sonya Romero Smith: Elementary Vice Presidents (Vote for both Trusted Team candidates!)

Loyola Garcia:

I have been a first grade Dual Language teacher in APS for 17 years. My favorite part of being a teacher is seeing the children have that ‘a ha’ moment in their learning. I joined my union at new teacher orientation before I even stepped into the classroom. I have represented my school as Fed Rep for ten years.

  • Served as an instructor on the Great Practical Strategies cadre which provides professional development for teachers by teachers
  • Volunteered to help elect a pro-education school board
  • Served on the English Language Learners (ELL) cadre for AFT national union
  • Worked as Legislative Liaison where I organized teachers to discuss educational issues with legislators.

I am running for Elementary Vice President because I feel that uniting in activism is our duty as members of the public education system.

If elected I will:

  • Listen to your stories and work to problem solve concerns at your school site
  • Support and promote our unions budget goals under the current educational crisis
  • Work to ensure that ATF is providing excellent professional development
  • Create a committee to work on Dual Language/Bilingual issues.

I would appreciate your vote!

Sonya Romero Smith:

I am a Bilingual kindergarten teacher at Lew Wallace Elementary. I have worked in APS for almost 20 years, and have represented my school as the ATF Fed Rep and all teachers as the Executive Vice President for over 7 years.

As Executive Vice President and Elementary Vice President of my union I have:

  • Co-ordinated the TEACH program where I both teach and staff the ATF Managing Behaviors in A School Community classes, which provides professional development for teachers by teachers.
  • Served on the ATF Negotiating Team, representing the interests of elementary staff and protecting our rights.
  • Spoken at national conferences, interviews, and national broadcasts to address issues in education.
  • Participated in rallies in Santa Fe and lobbied legislators to express educational concerns.
  • Volunteered, phone banked, canvassed, and demonstrated to help elect pro-education school board members and legislators.

As your ATF Elementary Vice-Presidents our goals are

  • Conduct monthly Elementary Fed Rep Constituent meetings to share information, help build consensus, and help advocate for the teaching and learning conditions we all deserve.
  • Listen to and problem solve with the Fed Reps on a variety of political topics.
  • Create a committee to work on Dual Language/Bilingual issues.
  • Support and promote our union’s budget goals under the current educational crisis.

As a union member, you will have the opportunity to vote online TWO elementary vice presidents. The process is easy and quick - simply follow the link that will be provided to you by ATF to cast your vote. We feel strongly that we are an excellent TEAM. We will continue to build solidarity in our union and fight for a brighter future for teachers, students and the communities we serve.


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