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Jason Krosinsky: Middle School Vice President

Hi!  I am Jason Krosinsky, a special education teacher at Wilson Middle School and a 24-year veteran with APS.  I have had the honor of serving as your vice president for middle schools in our Albuquerque Teachers Federation for the past three years.  That position is now up for election, and all middle school union members are eligible to vote.

I am humbly asking you for your support to continue to serve you in this position.  I have been a proud union member for the majority of my career, and have been a Fed Rep for almost 17 of those years.  During that time, I have volunteered for political campaigns, attended pro-teacher rallies and demonstrations, and lobbied for more education funding and support from our legislators in Santa Fe.

As your union vice president, I have done, and will continue to do, the following:

  • Serve on the contract negotiating team, representing the interests of middle school and special education staff in securing more rights and greater respect for what we do
  • Address issues and concerns from the Fed Reps at your school, seeking solutions and providing advice on numerous topics such as PLC’s, PED evaluations, contract language, etc.
  • Regularly conduct monthly Middle School Fed Rep Constituency meetings to share information, help build consensus, and advocate for the needs of ALL middle school teachers
  • Work to bring all our voices to the table in our union, in APS, and in the Roundhouse.

As a union member, you will have the opportunity to vote online for middle school vice president.  The process is easy and quick – just follow the link you will receive from ATF to cast your ballot.  I feel strongly that I am the best candidate to help continue to build our union strength and strive for a better future for us, for our students, and for our communities.
If you would like to know more about me and what I can do to help our union grow and thrive, please feel free to contact me through my personal e-mail at

Thank you for sharing your concerns, your advocacy, and your support for our union.  Please vote for me this coming May.

In Solidarity,
Jason Krosinsky, Wilson Middle School

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