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Angela Reynolds: Support and Related Services* Vice President

*Support & Related Service constituents include:

Orientation & Mobility Specialists, Nurses, Social Workers, Counselors, Physical Therapists, Diagnosticians ,Interpreters, School Psychologists, Transition Specialists, IEP Specialists, Speech Language Pathologists, Athletic Trainers, Audiologists and Occupational Therapists.

ATF Support and Related Service Providers Deserve:

  • A voice in district/union decisions
  • A stronger voice in contract negotiations
  • Unity & shared purpose
  • Effective contractual support
  • Consistent communication
  • Current & reliable knowledge
  • Someone who will wake decisions based on the needs of their constituency – not on the agenda of an outside organization!

Angela Reynolds Will Provide:

  • MA in Special Education
  • BA in Communication Disorders and Sign Language Interpretation
  • 27 years of Labor & education Experience
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Energetic recruiting & organizing
  • A deep & abiding belief in labor in NM
  • Extensive knowledge of existing contract language
  • Familiarity with both school and off-site concerns
  • An understanding of the duties and issues facing the members in this diverse role group!!

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